Wednesday, May 30, 2007

An unexpected gift.

Life is just so unexpected sometimes. Lily and I left Kentucky last Friday to come to Louisiana for the funeral of my dear friend, Stephanie's Mom. We came to be with Stephanie and to celebrate Mrs. Rachel's life. I love Mrs. Rachel and have many fond memories of her from girl scout camp trips in young childhood to a teenage trip to Chicago with her and most recently, swimming with her and my daughter. Our lives have been interwoven for many years and I was blessed to have known her. She doesn't even know it but she gave me one final gift. I came into town to say goodbye to her and by doing so, I got to be there for that miraculous moment when my nephew first arrived into this world. My sister gave birth to Luke Stanton today at 10:23 a.m. and I was right there with her. I have never before experienced anything so amazing and beautiful and awe inspiring in my life. It is hard to describe the conflicting emotions of the last week. I don't even know if words can do that. I just know that at 10:23 this morning, I was in the right place at the right time. I watched Luke enter this world in a beautiful hospital suite with his Mom and Dad, aunt and grandmother all there to welcome him with open hearts. It was such a beautiful moment and one that took my breath away. I was so lucky to be here. What an unexpected gift!

As I held him this evening and looked at his tiny exquisite face and his head full of hair, I also wondered what it was like when Lily came into this world and what it will be like for our baby Becky. I know in my heart that it will be just as miraculous. I know what a miracle it was for Lily to be matched with us. She is so perfect for our family and I am sure that Becky will be just right for our family. Still it is moments like today that just make you wonder. I wish could be there! I wish that mine could be the first face that she sees and the first one to welcome her to this world. At the same time, I know that if that were the case then I wouldn't be on this journey.

Tomorrow morning, I will take Lily to meet her new cousin, Luke. She is very excited to meet him. I can't wait to see her face when she holds him for the first time. And still, I'll wonder...


Patti said...

Congratulations to all of you!! Jodi has the boys and you have the girls...Perfect. Baby Becky is growing in your heart...hopefully it won't take three years to see her sweet face. I got a call from Karen telling me about Mr Luke about 1/2 hour before I saw your blog. I hear Alison is excited!!

amy said...

This is a beautiful post..I witessed the births of all 3 of sisters kids and I know what you mean,. TO witness it is amazing.

What an emotional trip!

Kelly said...

Congratulations on the arrival of your new nephew! I know how much you wanted to be there for his birth. I'm so glad that you got to be there with your family. You and Lily be careful on your trip home. I'll talk to you when you all get back.

Grannymary said...

I'm so glad you were here to share in Luke's birth. It was amazing and I am honored to have shared it with both my girls.
In our hearts we will be with Becky when she is born where ever she is. You will be the mother she will remember and she will know how much she is loved.
Give my Lily hugs and kisses for me. I miss you both so much.

Love, Mom

jodi said...

I am so excited that you were with me for the birth of my son. It made the experience extra special. Luke is wonderful and is blessed to have such a loving family. I know it is hard sometimes to imagine where baby Becky is on her journey to you. Please know she is in our hearts and prayers. I love you sis!