Saturday, May 19, 2007

Our sonogram

We are so proud to share our first ever sonogram picture! I found it on someone else's blog and just had to share! Earlier this year I was blessed to be in Baton Rouge when my sis, Jodi, had a sonogram for her second child. It was such an amazing and emotional experience for me. As those first images of her healthy baby appeared, I was so happy for Jodi and her husband. At the same time, the moment was bittersweet. I realized that I would never see an actual sonogram picture of my babies. I would never feel that cold jelly on my belly as I anxiously awaited those first images of my baby to be. My first pictures come so many months later as we gather around a computer screen and wait for the referral pictures to download. I wished in that moment that I could have seen Lily's ultrasound picture or that I would be able to see our baby Becky's picture. I would love to see that little heartbeat or to see Lily in utero sucking her thumb. I could almost bet that she did. With current wait times, so unpredictable, who knows where in the universe our baby is at this point. If current wait times remain the same, she is probably in her birthmother's belly right now somewhere in China. So I will hold onto this sonogram picture as our "first" picture while Lily, Wes and I pray for her daily. Each night Lily finishes her prayers with "God bless Baby Becky where ever she is. Amen." I couldn't say it better if I tried.


amy said...

I share your feelings..What a lovely post.. We are April LID as well

amy said...

never mind..I forgot you knew that..sorry friend