Wednesday, May 28, 2008

8 more days until we leave for China

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Wes and I have been married for quite a while now. There has been much madness in our love for each other. It appears the most under stress. Somehow our ability to communicate clearly completely disintegrates. Could it be that we are both just wearing our feelings on our sleeves? Perhaps our feelings are at such a heightened state or the nerves are just raw and exposed. We both are trying so hard! I understand my reasons for my madness and I am sure he understands his...Now, getting us to understand the others madness...that is the test. I wish that I could just look into his eyes and understand or get it and have him do the same for me. That does not happen for us. I love to see couples that are totally in sync and so admire their ability to communicate. I have come to realize that for most couples, it takes work and understanding and patience. I am glad we are both commited to each other and our family. We may not always understand but it is definitely not for lack of effort. So China, here come the Miracles in all of our madness.


Brandon said...

Wow! 8 more days... unbelievable. Time sure went a little bit fast. 8 more days-- that's when I would finally arrive in Harlan from Rochester/Long Island, New York. Dang, I was hoping I would see you the last minute before you fly out! But, hey, at least I will see EVERYBODY including Graeme when you all return to Kentucky!! =D

Hey, I have a question-- will you be able to keep in touch with the Internet buddies (including me) while you guys get in China?

Kelley said...

I am so excited that your trip is getting so close!! It's natural that things would get crazy. Hang in there!

OH MY #6 said...

oh my gosh, fantastic post. stress does bring out the worst in us. Kudos to you on this post.