Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Wait Continues.....

So I just had to use this picture. I feel a sort of kinship with this tiny dog. I feel like a rabid beast and scared all at the same time. I am tough just like him and I know that I can handle whatever is coming my way but at the same time I JUST WANT MY LOA COMING MY WAY. There is a rumor that packages are on their way to agencies. They should arrive by Monday. They are probably the referrals for people waiting for a non special need referral but I am hoping that our LOA is in there if it is not already on its way. Oh please Oh please Oh please!!!! I may have to resort to wearing a collar that looks like his to scare people from asking, "Have you heard anything?" Trust me when I say, when we hear, EVERYONE will know!!!
I love Spring and today is our first day for this season of new beginnings. The weather is beautiful here and the flowers are just blooming. May the Joy of Spring be with all.....New close!


nolablossom said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, fellow Louisianian! I am very anxious for you, and hope your LOA arrives soon! Good luck and I'll be keeping tabs on your adoption journey to your son. P.S. Spring here in New Orleans has been uncommonly pleasant, temp-wise, and it's Jazz Fest time!

Truly Blessed said...


Hold on Graeme, here comes your Mama & Daddy!