Friday, February 6, 2009

Our Little Starfish Antonia

I have been following the story of the Starfish Home in China for a while now. It is a foster home that is ran by Amanda and she recently started a whole new part of the home for babies that are cleft affected. She needs sponsors for the babies and Graeme, Lily and I have chosen to sponser Antonia. Her little picture looks so much like the one I have of Graeme prior to his first surgery that I just could not resist. She is also the oldest baby at 11 months to enter the home. She has the biggest eyes and I just think she is beautiful. She needs more sponsors to help with all of her care. Could you help Antonia or one of the other babies? You can read more about the babies and sponsorships at I can't wait until all of the babies have sponsors. Thank you Kimberley at The Seventh Diamond (link on my sidebar) for letting us all know about these precious little ones.


Kristin said...

She is too sweet!! Your post is one of about five I've seen today about Starfish needing sponsors. I will need to check it out. Thanks for spreading the word..

amy said...

Im so proud of you, thats awesome

Kristy said...

Margaret I wish we could help , but right now anything extra is going toward renewing our paperwork for the third time. I feel so bad for not helping but I will pray. You are an amazing person.

Love, Kristy

redmaryjanes said...

Thank you so much Margaret. I really appreciate your support and friendship.