Thursday, March 26, 2009

Joy of Spring

These were taken after church on Sunday. Lily Wen and Graeme loved playing outside after mass. Lily Wen was having a great day with her wild woman hair (we braided it wet the day before and just brushed it out right before church!) I just wanted to share the Joy that I am blessed to have in my life every day! EnJOY!

Spring has arrived and we are looking forward to lots of time outside!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blogging Injury

I have been a little absent from the blogging world this week as I have officially been injured. My right arm has been hurting on and off for 2 months now and it has gotten progressively worse. I finally sought out a medical opinion on Monday and was informed that I have tennis/golf elbow which occurs due to repetitive motion. Hmmmmm……could it really be blogging/facebook/e-mail elbow? You see after the wee ones go to bed, I turn on my favorite previously TIVOed show and settle on my chaise lounge with my laptop in lap and spend my quiet time blogging, chatting live on facebook and responding to e-mails. When I discussed this with the doctor, he stated that this could definitely be part of the injury. He also felt all the lifting that I do with a toddler and soon to be kindergartener is exacerbating the injury.

He said that I should avoid these repetitive movements. Seriously? Seriously! The course of treatment was a Cortisone shot right in the elbow which was not so bad at first. A few hours after the shot, I could not use my right arm at all. It made getting Lily Wen and Graeme through their nighttime routine really interesting. (i.e. Lily Wen, could you wash Graeme’s hair for me? Hey Graeme, hold that book a little higher so Mommy can read to you. Graeme, let’s see how big you really are…can you climb in your big boy bed all by yourself?) Yes, Monday and Tuesday nights were really interesting at our house.

Today, I have partial use of the arm so things are looking better. I hope the Cortisone helps because I just can’t imagine giving up my obsession!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Graeme and 2 Lilys!

On Friday, I picked up Graeme from daycare and we headed to pick up Lily Wen and Lily D. They were hanging out at Lily's house after dance. Graeme was excited because we were picking up "2 Lilys"! Lily was spending the night with Lily Wen. They had so much fun and we were so busy that I only got a few pics! Our friend, Ann and her baby, Jonathan, came to visit. Jonathan was home from college and we love seeing him. He climbed right in the Princess castle with Lily Wen, Lily and Graeme.

Lily looks so cute in this pic!

Lily Wen and Graeme are sitting on Jonathan.

This is what the castle looked like with all four inside. It was falling down.

Jonathan fixed the castle!

Graeme, J.D., Lily Wen and Lily
On Saturday, Jon and Heather (Lily's parents) kept Lily Wen and Graeme for me so I could get some things done. I think they all had a great time. Heather took the following pics and shared them with me!!!!! THANKS Heather!

Super Cute, aren't they?

Lily Wen and Lily are showing their braids and Graeme will not be left out of a shot!

They are stylin' with their shades on!

Shouldn't they all model kids wear!

There he goes!

Still Posing!

Time to be silly!

My oldest wee one!

Wee One 2!

Jon and Graeme Slide....I love the look on Graeme's face!

Still smiling but getting tired!

Lily, the Superstar!
There they go!

Heather....stop taking my pic...Please!!!


Wee One 1 and Wee One 2

I think Lily is tired of pics too!

Heather thought with this pic that Graeme was done smiling for pics for the day...

there was the beginning of one....

She said he just couldn't hold it in!

Future Rockstars!!!!!
Thanks Jon and Heather! Graeme took a 3 hour nap after the play date!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A New Day! A New Game!!!

Tonight was Graeme's debut as a basketball player! It was the annual K-3 basketball game. Lily Wen cheered her brother on.

I think I have the cutest kids in the world!

Graeme goes on the attack in a little pregame practice.

The game begins. He is not quite sure what to do but it looks like FUN

He takes it to the goal and he SCORES!!!!!

He's got the ball again!

Look at him go!

After he scored, he played...with his shorts

with his tummy...

those shorts again....

with his ears.....

and finally with his shirt!

Then, he got back in the game!

Celebrating the Victory!

Jie Jie Cheers!

The Cartwheel!

She even smiles as she flips!

They are already talking about next week.

Just Me and My Wee Ones (could that be the new title of the blog?!?!?!?)