Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blogging Injury

I have been a little absent from the blogging world this week as I have officially been injured. My right arm has been hurting on and off for 2 months now and it has gotten progressively worse. I finally sought out a medical opinion on Monday and was informed that I have tennis/golf elbow which occurs due to repetitive motion. Hmmmmm……could it really be blogging/facebook/e-mail elbow? You see after the wee ones go to bed, I turn on my favorite previously TIVOed show and settle on my chaise lounge with my laptop in lap and spend my quiet time blogging, chatting live on facebook and responding to e-mails. When I discussed this with the doctor, he stated that this could definitely be part of the injury. He also felt all the lifting that I do with a toddler and soon to be kindergartener is exacerbating the injury.

He said that I should avoid these repetitive movements. Seriously? Seriously! The course of treatment was a Cortisone shot right in the elbow which was not so bad at first. A few hours after the shot, I could not use my right arm at all. It made getting Lily Wen and Graeme through their nighttime routine really interesting. (i.e. Lily Wen, could you wash Graeme’s hair for me? Hey Graeme, hold that book a little higher so Mommy can read to you. Graeme, let’s see how big you really are…can you climb in your big boy bed all by yourself?) Yes, Monday and Tuesday nights were really interesting at our house.

Today, I have partial use of the arm so things are looking better. I hope the Cortisone helps because I just can’t imagine giving up my obsession!!!!!!!!!


zsjmom said...

oooowwww! Who knew this obsession which I also have could cause injury? Yikes!

Jboo said...

Hope it feels better fast!! That sounds like a tough injury!


Chelley said...

ouch ouch

can you do it with your other hand??

wouldnt want to lose you to this injury

Donna said...

ooohh, I would hate to quit my obsession, too!

Patientlywaiting said...

Who knew that something as innocent as blogging could cause an injury. What's next, will they find out that chocolate is bad for you?


FHL said...

Ugh! That's awful!

When my shoulder was really bad I actually discovered that if I sat on a bar stool at my desk I could continue blogging without pain because it allowed my shoulder to hang down. Maybe a different position would help while it heals.

I hope you start feeling better soon and that that shot starts kicking in!

Sending Hugs!