Sunday, October 26, 2008

Praying for Papa Jim

Papa Jim seeing Graeme for the first time at the airport.

Papa Jim and Lily playing dress up.

Papa Jim is really sick tonight and we are all praying for him. He has just been taken to the hospital and I am waiting to hear how he is doing. He loves my children as if they were his own grandchildren and the feeling is more than mutual. It is a long strange story but I have known Jim since I was a little girl. He and his wife, Barbara were good friends with my parents. Both my father and Mrs. Barbara passed away from cancer in the same year. Jim and my mother supported each other for a long time as friends and then began dating. He has been a constant and loving part of our lives from that moment forward. He was at the airport when Lily came home and welcomed her with the same enthusiasm as he did Graeme this year. We are all so blessed to have him in our lives. We all love him dearly.

He was diagnosed with a rare lung disease earlier this year. The disease has begun to progress rather rapidly in the last few weeks. He has gradually become more dependent on oxygen and really had a rough week when my mother was here helping me with Graeme. It was hard because she really wanted to be here with us and be home for him as well. This week has been a little harder each day and culminated with his trip to the hospital tonight.

That little whole in Graeme's palate just doesn't seem as significant tonight. I am struggling with being so far away and feeling as if I need to be there to help. There is one thing I can do and that is pray. Please pray for Jim, my Mom, his children/grandchildren and all of us who love this wonderful man. I am praying for healing, peace and faith!


Ashley and Mike said...

Papa Jim we are praying for you!

Kristy said...

Margaret that is not such a strange story , that is a beautiful story, and he is your childrens grandfather. I am saying a prayer for him right now.
Love, Kristy

Kelley said...

Papa Jim sounds like a very special are all in my prayers!

FHL said...

I'm Praying!

M~ said...

Please count on our prayers, Margaret!