Friday, June 13, 2008

A Hero's Spirit

They say that if you climb to the top of the Great Wall that you are a hero. Well I met a little girl at the orphanage yesterday who had a true hero's spirit. She simply amazed me while we were there and I meant to write about her and simply forgot. I woke up this morning thinking about her again. I don't have one good picture of her but I did get her on video. She is about 2 years old and from what I can tell, she has cerbral palsy. She was sitting on one of the potty chairs/chair chairs that all of the children in Graeme's group used. She would rock herself back and forth with fierce determination to move her chair from place to place. Each room that we went to, she would show up. She moved in her own way but with the group. It just amazed me how much she compensated for her disability with her unique abilities. The human spirit is a powerful thing and we saw this in this sweet precious child. I hope she finds her forever family soon. She so reminded me of Mia Hope who Robin is sewing her heart out to bring home. You can visit their journey by clicking on Hope under my favorite blogs! She is precious and her family needs her home soon. She too has a hero's spirit!


Becks from B.R. said...

Margaret...How sweet...let us prayer she gets her forever family soon. I hope y'all have a great day today! I will be checking in using David's moyhers email for a bit. I hope the blog will let me. I loved the hand holding photo so very much...both of them...the one of lily and Graeme and the one of you and Graeme just touching softly...That one made the tears flow...Your photos have been fabulous...along with your amazing thoughts and writing. Youwill treasure this so. It will mean so very much to your family . Miss and Love you all...Kim, DAVID AND Mary Grace...HUGS EVERYBODY!