Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last full day in Hefei....

First, Thank You all for the sweet comments, loving thoughts and prayers. They have helped so much. A very special thanks to my dear friend Angela in Louisiana who knew just what to say to help ease my mind and soothe my soul. Your words were a very sweet gift at a difficult time.

Sorry there are no pictures today but the computer is moving very slowly. We are packing things up to move on to Guangzhou tomorrow and I will try to post the pictures from there. We did have a better day today and Graeme let me dress him and feed him. He stayed with me while Wes went out to get us lunch and only cried briefly. I wish I could say the same for his big sister. She had a tough time today and really struggled for my attention when it was just the three of us. I think we are all trying to find the right balance in our new family of four.

When we went out this morning, we passed a little church nearby. There were many weddings there today and we got pictures of one bride and groom. They were so beautiful. I will post those tomorrow as well. Thanks again for all of the positive thoughts and prayers.


Grannymary said...


Sounds like you had a much better day with Graeme yesterday. Prayers are being answered. We will get the prayers going for Jie Jie. This is a bis adjustment time for her too. Just be patient, trust in God and he will see you through. He has gotten you this far. I know you can do it - you are my daughter.

All my love,

redmaryjanes said...

Just look at him smile! It's just amazing. The happiness is just contageous!

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Hi Margaret!!! You are doing great! Just take it one baby step at a time. It sounds like Graeme is already beginning to bond slowly but surely to his mommy!!! I know it never happens fast enough for us. But poor little Graeme's world is changing forever and we need to be grateful that he is bonding with daddy so well...I think he even looks like daddy...and he looks SO happy! Without a doubt the bonding WILL come!! As magical as the journey to China is a journey to major physical and emotional exhaustion. The good memories come down the road after we have all fallen back into our routines. is by the grace of God that Graeme was chosen for your family...because he is the perfect fit. Its all going to be have many prayers being said for you and I believe in the power of prayer! Hang in there!!! By the way....your mother is amazing...her comments bring me to tears!
Hugs from St. Louis!

Waitingfaithfully said...


Checking in . . . happy to hear that you are had a better day, and that you made some progress with your sweet boy. Sorry Lily Wen had a tough day. It's a lot of changes to go through (for everyone) especially in unfamiliar places . . . Praying for safe travels to Guangzhou, and that things begin to smooth out for everyone. It seemed to help us in the second week when we finally got a couple of "free days" and could finally breathe, and catch up to ourselves! Hoping the same for you!

Blessings from Texas~

Tina said...

My mom used to always say when things were down, "Tomorrow's another day!" It sounds like y'all are really doing great considering the major changes you've all been through. Hang in there, sista!

mike and Mary said...

Hi Guys,

Longtime reader, first-time blogger. So happy to see you with Graeme at last. The kids can't wait to meet Lily's brother. They actually think you are coming here on your way back from China. The pictures are precious. We love the one of acrobat Lily performing with her "candles". Have a safe trip. We hope to see you soon.

Mike, Mary and the gang

Sarah and Becky said...

Margaret,We are so thrilled for you and pray for you EVERY day. We are counting the days till you are home. We have missed you all so much!! We are praying for rest, peace and happiness for you daily and for you all to adjust. There are lots of adjustments for you and every day will be new. God planned for you to be a family and his will, will bring you together. Wes, I am praying for energy for you too. We think Graeme looks like Wes too! God is so good! We love you!!!!!!!!!
Sarah and Becky

Kelly said...

Hey Margaret!
One of my favorite sayings is "If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it!" Hang in there. God is a good God and He just wants the best for His children. You and your family are in my prayers.
Love, Kelly

Janelle said...

When we adopted Chloe all went well, but I was totally blindsided by how truly EMOTIONAL the experience was. Stacked on top of the feelings of the long wait, bewilderment of travel, the adoption experience is overwhelming.

Just's early days.

Prayers & good wishes stretch across the world to embrace you!


Tonya said...

Hey Guys!!
I just wanted to write you a little something to let you know that I am thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers. I can't wait until you get home! Take care and I will talk to you soon.

Tonya said...
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