Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Traveling, Homecoming and Just Being HOME!!!

A quick update on how we are all doing. I wanted to share some or our last pictures from China, our homecoming and our first days home. We are all doing well. Jet lag has been hard to get over. Our worst day was the day before yesterday when we all struggled to stay awake. Thank goodness Granny and Papa Jim are here to help!!! Graeme is doing very well and just lights up. He is starting to imitate some words. He is still not too fond of the dogs so they are still outside. He does not scream each time he sees them so we are making gradual progress. Enjoy this little update and thanks for your patience as we adjusted to being home.
Corey, Tommy, Lily Wen, Jessica and Tate one of our last nights in China!
Lily poses with another statue in Guangzhou, China.

We began our journey home by leaving the White Swan Hotel at 5:30 a.m. We were ready to head home but hated to leave so early!

Over 24 hours later, we land in Knoxville, Tennessee to a wonderful homecoming with friends and family. This was such a beautiful sight.

Here they are waiting for us!

Granny breaches security to greet us!!! Graeme has seen her via Skype from China so I think he recognized her.

I do think he is as tired as he looks!!! It was a loooong trip home!

Granny gave Graeme a doggy.....The interesting thing is that he is terrified of the real life four legged friends. Our dogs are outside until he adjusts.

Lily Wen's best friend, Lily D., came to meet her at the airport. This was the sweetest reunion.

They were so cute!~

Michael and Sarah create a Lily sandwich....she is in heaven.

Jonathan welcomes Lily home!

Graeme looks pretty happy to be home too!!!!

I think they missed each other!!!

Graeme and the Lilys

Graeme and Granny out in the sun to play....trying to get over our jet lag! He was so funny walking in the grass. I think this was his first experience ever. It is so fun watching him explore and learn.

Graeme and Lily climbing. He is determined to keep up with his big sister.

Lily is part monkey.

"If she can do it, so can I!"

He is watching her every move.

Experiencing the joy!

Lily plays dress up with Papa Jim!

Sarah, Graeme and Lily taking a walk!

He took Sarah's hand and walked right outside!

Graeme and Sarah. He cried when it was time for her to leave.

Sarah told us that she wanted a picture with Lily on one hip and Graeme on the other. I told her when we first came home that I thought it would take a while to get the shot because he is so cautious with new people. I was sooooo wrong!!!!


Chelley said...

oh thank you so much for taking the time to update us all!!!

Oh just tears streaming down my face you all look tried but oh so very happy!!

amy said...

YOu stinker. YOu made me cry! I want to go!

Janelle said...

great update & photos. there's absolutely nothing better than seeing loved ones at the airport after that trip!! enjoy : )) said...

I'm so happy to see all of you safe and home!!! Graeme looks so very happy and like he's adjusting so well. What an amazing story...I'm so happy for all of you! Bob even asked, "How's Margaret and her new baby? Are they home yet? How are they?" Now we know! Hugs...

Kristy said...

Oh Margaret every single picture is priceless, and beautifula and almost all of them made me cry because I am so happy for all of you. You inspire me and remind me that this is going to happen. All of you look incredibly happy, I am so so so happy for you. God bless all of you.

Love, Kristy

Waitingfaithfully said...

Lovin' the update, and all of the beautiful pictures. My heart is singing to see you home with your sweet boy . . . The long wait is finally behind you, and behind me too . . . a new journey has begun!

Welcome Home!

Blessings from Texas~


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Welcome Home!!! What a wonderful homecoming...I'm in tears. Can you believe your family is together at last? I'm so happy for you Margaret!!!

Laura and Erik said...

Great pictures! It looks like you are having a good transition home.

The Johnson Family said...

okay well now that I have had a good cry this morning!! I love seeing the these angels come home!! thanks for blogging ..these things are so wonderful for sharing our precious little ones, he is just perfect and just fits right in with his big sisiter!!

OH MY #6 said...

so glad u r home safe and sound.


FHL said...

What a wonderful homecoming!!! And the smiles on those two kiddos of yours....they just shine!!!

Denise said...


I have enjoyed reading about your journey! I must say you looked absolutely wonderful for just traveling for 20+ hours!!!

Hope all is still going well!

Qiuqiu's parents said...

AWwww, he looks so happy, he's growing so fast, and he's such a handsome boy!!