Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Graeme!!!!

This evening we celebrated Graeme's first birthday home. It is actually tomorrow on October 13 but we celebrated this evening since we are leaving tomorrow. We are spending tomorrow night in Lexington and will then go to Louisville for his palate surgery on Tuesday. Today was all about the CELEBRATION!!! He was amazed over everything from the balloons, to the cake, the friends/family, the presents. Each thing made him squeal with delight. What a wonderful day!!!
I loved his cake...CARS!!

Lily is sporting her Lightnin' McQueen tatoo.

This look was on his face for most of the day!

Lily helps Graeme blow his candles.

Some new dress up clothes...isn't he a cute pirate!

Graeme with his doctor kit from Aunt Jodi and Uncle Rodney. I figure this will be a hot item to play with after the surgery!!

G & L with Uncle Gary, Matt, Tonya and Aunt Verna. We so enjoy when we all get together!

Becky and Mark David with the kids! We are so blessed with wonderful friends!

Graeme and Mama...have I said lately how much I love him!

Graeme and Granny! She flew in yesterday to help me at the hospital with Graeme! Wes will stay home with Lily and keep up with his course work in the nursing program.
We need prayers that all will go well as we travel tomorrow and bring Graeme for the surgery on Tuesday. I'll try to update from the road!


Ashley and Mike said...

Happy Birthday Handsome Boy. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers the next couple of days.

amy said...

Happy bday, you will be prayed for

FHL said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!!! I have Graeme's surgery penciled in on my calendar and will be praying!

Denise said...

What a sweetie!!! He is so darling! Love, love the cake! How cute.

You and Graeme are in our prayers. I have heard palate surgery can be rough so I'm praying that Graeme will suffer little pain to spare him and to spare his mother the pain of seeing her baby in pain.

Looking forward to your updates!

Cora said...

Looks like a great "PAR-TAE".
My thoughts will be with you tomorrow.
Take Care, Cora

Trish in New Orleans said...

I'm not sure what made me think to check your blog tonight, but I've been thinking about you all for the last few days. It seems that our adoptions continue to take parallel paths. Henry has his lip repair tomorrow. (We had palate repair back in August.)Hope all goes well for you. I need to get to bed! We have to be at the hospital at 6 am!